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We are offering tea boxes to our Instagram subscribers These are tea boxes whose expiry date has passed and which can no longer be sold, but are still perfectly edible. Choose your favorite: 40003 Cinnamon Plum 40004 Vanilla Almond 40024 Coconut Cocoa Tea 40077 The People Green Tea 40241 Blueberry Green Tea   *** One box per person, subject to availability. To be picked up in the centre of Lausanne (Flon) in September. Cannot be sent. ***


Milk Oolong Pineapple Refresher

Dieses Eistee Rezept ist im Sommer sehr beliebt. Ingredients 1 Oolong tea bag, e.g. "Milk Oolong Teabags 40382" 5dl of boiling water 1 cup of pineapple chunks 2 cups of ice     Preparation Steep 1 tea bag "Milk Oolong Teabags 40382" in 5dl of boiling water for 5 minutes Add 1 cup of pineapple chunks and 2 cups of ice. Shake in a classic beverage shaker and pour into ice-filled glasses.