Choose and taste your favorite!

We are offering tea boxes to our Instagram subscribers https://www.instagram.com/p/B1oy_EdnSyB/ These are tea boxes whose expiry date has passed and which can no longer be sold, but are still perfectly edible. Choose your favorite: 40003 Cinnamon Plum https://organic-tea.ch/en/teas/cinnamon-plum-for-a-clear-head-40003/ 40004 Vanilla Almond 40024 Coconut Cocoa Tea 40077 The People Green Tea https://organic-tea.ch/en/teas/the-peoples-green-tea-bags/ 40241 Blueberry Green Tea https://organic-tea.ch/en/teas/republic-of-tea-blueberry-green-tea/   *** One box per person, subject to availability. To be picked up in the centre of Lausanne (Flon) in September. Cannot be sent. ***