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Compostable tea bags

The Republic of Tea sparked a Tea Revolution!

In the spirit of simplicity and for the sake of the environment, the round tea bags “The Republic of Tea” have always been made of unbleached paper without excessive packaging, strings, hangtags and staples. The unbleached paper tea is free of chemicals and without chlorine-containing components. Our tea bags are gluten free. In addition to our teabags environment, “The Republic of Tea” proud round tea bags are environmentally friendly. The wide-mesh pockets enable optimum and complete infusion and keep the taste of the leaves

Each bag is made from renewable resources, including bamboo products sewn within the bamboo chain. The label printed with preparation instructions with soy ink is also designed from recycled paper bamboo. The tea bag contains network environment round tea bags, which are a byproduct of corn and sewn with bamboo yarn. Both are all natural products made from renewable raw material.

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